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The Scriptures - Adi Guru Durbar
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Jaidev (12th Century)
Known throughout India as the author of a Sanskrit text, 'Gita Govinda', an erotic work of Krishan Maharaj and Radha (a cow-herdess), Jaidev was born in a village called Kindu Bilvaa to Bhojadev (father) and Radhadevi (mother). As a youth he spent his time as an ascetic, and eventually settled down with a Brahmin woman.

A painting depicting Jaidev, who eventually
married a beautiful maiden by the name of Padmaavati

At Katham Kanchli (now known as Jaidevpur) he composed his famous work 'Gita Govinda' which has been explained as the desire of the soul (as Radha) for the Almighty (Govinda). Bhai Gurdas ji spoke of Jaidev thus:
'Being immersed within the loving devotion, Jaidev, would sing praises of Govind [God].
He would expound the great accomplishments of the Almighty and was treasured by the Lord.
He knew no words, but every evening would return home with his book bound.
The house of all virtues, the Lord himself wrote all the songs for him [Jaidev].
Upon seeing these words, Jaidev would be in high spirits.
Deep in the jungle, Jaidev saw a great tree, upon its leaves were inscribed the songs of Govind [God].
He could not comprehend its mystery. God, loving his devotee embraced him [Jaidev].
Between the Lord and his devotees, there is no barrier.'
(Bhai Gurdas Ji, Vaar 10, Stanza 10)

Gita Govinda
A painting depicting a scene from Gita Govinda where Krishan
Maharaj and his cowherdess lover Radha engage in many a sensual moment

It is said of Jaidev that he was one of 5 poets honoured by the King of Bengal, Lakshman Sen who eventually became his devotee. Additional works of Jaidev include, 'Rasnaa Raaghav' and 'Chaanthlok'. 2 of Jaidev's hymns are to be found in Adi Guru Durbar.

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