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The Scriptures - Adi Guru Durbar
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In addition to the Gurus and the Bhagats, the following Saints and Poets who existed during the times of the Gurus have also had their teachings included in Adi Guru Durbar:
Bhikan Shah, a great Sufi saint who lived in a village called Kakori (Lucknow) who lived during Guru Nanak Devji's lifetime. 2 Hymns of Bhikan were added to Adi Guru Durbar.

Bhikan Shah
A painting done in the Persian style of the great
Muslim Sufi saint engrossed in prayer and contemplation

Soor Das was born in 1528 (muslim calendar) and was a Brahmin by caste. Appointed into the governorship of Sandil by Akbar the Great he spent all the resources he had on Saints and great souls who devoted their lives to the service of mankind and the Almighty. For this, he was imprisoned, but was later released when his virtues were acknowledged by the Moghal King. 2 Hymns of Soor Das are included in Adi Guru Durbar.

Soor Das

An old painting of Soor Das who is said to
have composed 125,000 Hymns during his lifetime

Sundar was the grandson of the 3rd Sikh Guru, Guru Amardas, and wrote a poem called "Saad" (6 Pauris) that described the death of his grandfather.
Sattah and Balwand were great and famous musicians of the court of the 5th Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev ji. They composed a 'Vaar' (ballad) of 8 Pauris that speaks of the greatness of the Sikh Gurus which has been added to Raag Ramkali in Adi Guru Durbar.
Mardana, the great companion of Guru Nanak Dev ji has 3 Sloks which he composed added to Adi Guru Durbar. Bhai Gurdas Ji speaks of Guru Nanak's companion:
'From Mecca, Baba [Guru Nanak] went to Baghdad and spend his time outside of the city. Firstly, Baba himself was was the form of the Immortal [ie. at one with the Lord], and secondly, he had his companion Mardana, the rabab [Indian musical intrument similar to a Mandolin] player. Upon preparing for namaz [Muslim method of prayer] he [Nanak] gave the calling, upon which the entire world fell into silence'
(Bhai Gurdas Ji, Var 1, Verse 35)

Bhai Mardana
Bhai Mardana (left) playing the rabab in the company of Akali Guru Nanak Dev Ji

17 great Pats (bards) who visited the courts of the Sikh Gurus also have their works within Adi Guru Durbar. They include: Gayand, Sewak, Sal, Kirat, Jal, Jalap, Jalan, Tal, Kal, Bal, Harbhans, b, Nal, Bhaal, Bhikka, Das, and Mathur.

Adi Guru Durbar
A photograph of the Raagmala ('string of Raags') from the first ever printed
'Larivar Swaroop' (continuous writing) version at Bhai Santokh Singh Library at Amritsar, Punjab

It is ironic that the souls mentioned above do not fit into the "image" of what mainsteam Sikhs consider as "Sikh", yet, their works are bowed to everyday by every person who claims to be a Sikh.

Within the Sanatan Sikh world, there is one version of Adi Guru Durbar known as the "Bhai Bhanno Bir", which contains additional works by a Rajput Princess known as Mirabhai.

The devotee of Krishan Maharaj whom she referred to as 'Giridhar Nagar' in fond reverence

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