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The Scriptures - Adi Guru Durbar
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Trilochan (1267 to 1335)
A contemporary of Bhagat Naamdev, was a Vaishya (trader caste) and was born in the village of Barsi. Bhagat Kabir's works mention a conversation between Naamdev and Trilochan showing that these 2 great souls were good friends.

Literally meaning "three eyes", Trilochan spend most of his life in Maharashtra, India

Bhai Gurdas Ji speaks of Naamdev and Trilochan too:
'Trilochan would visit daily to lay his eyes upon Naamdev.
In each other's company they contemplated the Lord, and Naamdev would speak of the greatness of the Almighty.
"Pray for my soul so that if the Almigthy accepts, that I may catch a glimpse of Him" [Trilochan requests Naamdev].
Asking 'Thakhur' [the Master, the Almighty], Naamdev asks how Trilochan may gain His audience.
Happily, Thakur said "I have no need of offerings, but I will reveal Myself to Trilochan for My own pleasure.
For I am under the control of my devotees, and I reject not their requests.
Sometimes even I cannot comprehend them.
Their contemplation and love becomes the media through which I meet them'
(Bhai Gurdas Ji, Vaar 10, Stanza 12)

Within his works, Trilochan emphasises on seeking the Almighty, self-development and rejecting all forms of ritualistic worship. 4 ballads composed by Trilochan can be found within Adi Guru Durbar.


The exact dates of when this great saint was born or died are lost in the mists of time. Macauliffe claims that Parmanand lived in Barsi (Sholapur District, Maharastra).

The great saint often referred to himself as 'Sarang'. There
is abird known as Sarang in India is known to long for heavenly rain-drops

Born as a Brahmin (Kankbuj caste) he became a devotee of Vishnu (known as a 'Vaishnav') under the guidance of Swami Vallabacharya. His works were compiled in a text known as 'Granth Parmanand Saagar' which expounds the greatness of the Almighty.

An early painting of Vishnu with his consort
Lakshmi seated upon Sheshnaag (the ruler of the Snakes)

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