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The Truth - Va-eh Guru
In Sanatan Sikhism, this ineffable truth the Gurus spoke of is known as ‘Va-eh Guru’.

Va-eh’ is the equivalent to the English verbal expression of ‘Wow’, an expression uttered when one sees, beholds, or hears something wondrous. In a similar manner 'Va-eh' is the Sikh verbal expression of awe-struck wonder.

The etymological meaning of 'Guru' is:
Gu’ = Darkness/Ignorance
Ru’ = Light/ Enlightenment
'Guru' = brings one from darkness into light (removes ignorance)

In everyday Indian usage, ‘Guru’ means a ‘spiritual teacher’ or ‘guide’. It is stated in Sanatan Sikh oral tradition that Guru Nanak was summoned to Sach Khand, the eternal, formless divine abode of Nirankar God. It was there that he first fully beholding the magnificence Nirankar God, uttered 'Va-eh Guru'.

Akali Guru Nanak Dev Ji
A painting (c. 1733) of the great Guru (wearing white), his companion
Bhai Mardana (right) holding a Rabab (musical isntrument) and a Hindu Raja. The
scene depicts a tale from the Janam Sakhis (anonymous biographies of the first Sanatan Sikh Guru)

'Va-eh Guru' in Sanatan Sikh thinking is the ineffable wondrous awe-inspiring wisdom and knowledge of Nirankar God. This 'Va-eh Guru' underlies, like the sweet fragrance of a flower, all of creation. It is considered as the universal divine law, which harmonizes all creation to the will of Nirankar God. This is the true mystical essence at the core of all great world faiths, and philosophies, such as, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc.

The universal divine law of righteousness and the true mystical essence that
is at the core of all great faiths, be they Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhism, Christian, etc.

That essence is what teaches an individual to rise above his/her individualistic narrow-minded sectarian values, and see the one truth in all and every place. A truth that is termed or referred to by mankind in variety of ways - Allah in Islam, God in Christianity, Raam in Hinduism, Va-eh Guru in Sikhism etc.

One attempting to express this truth, is like a mute (says Bhagat Kabir), who eats sugar and then tries to speak of its taste. This ineffable sublime universal reality/truth, the 'Tat Nachor' (meaning ‘true essence’), is very subtle and fine.

In Sanatan Sikh ideology, the majority of people in the world do not have the 'Karma' (deeds/destiny) to appreciate it. Even so-called intellectuals, scholars and religious leaders the world over cannot smell the sweet fragrance of this wondrous flower - the universal true world, spiritual path and the true Sanatan Divine Dharma that harmonizes man internally and externally in the world.

Sanatan Dharma brings peace of mind and contentment in life to all. However, the majority of so-called intellectuals, self-proclaimed religious and spiritual leaders, and followers of a particular faith fall into egotistic arguments. Each person claiming his/her own particular system of belief/way of life/religion/philosophy, etc is the only true one and the ‘best’ one, hence all others are false or limited in one way or another.

The Udasi - the missionary
A photograph taken in c. 1862 of two Udasi Sanatan Sikhs. The founder
of the Udasis was Baba Sri Chand Maharaj, the son of Akali Guru Nanak Dev Ji

This is the sad truth today, as it once was in the times of the Sikh Gurus.

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