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The Multifarious Faces of Sikhism throughout Sikh History
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Baba Kartar Singh Samparda/Chowk Mehta Samparda

Time of origin: 1969 (however 'Santhia' tradition can be traced back to 1704 at Dam Dama Sahib - it is one of the many sampardas of 'Dam Dama' origin)

Before continuing any further, Nihang Niddar Singh would like to state that himself, his students/associates are Sikhs attempting to seek the truth. Even when this truth may not be what we wish it to be, we still have a duty to reveal it and should not be concealed or suppressed.

Were we to begin on the path of ignorance (and its promotion), we would go against the very edicts of Sikhism. A Sikh does not fear the truth, regardless of how bitter it may be. What will be revealed here may not sit well with certain individuals who have come to know the institution that is the subject of this section as the ‘Dam Dami Taksal’.

Dam Dami Taksal
The current 'Mohr' (insignia) of the Baba Kartar Singh
Samparda (aka 'Chowk Mehta Samparda' aka 'Dam Dami Taksal')

What follows is based upon actual facts - which are presented in full. All these facts are the result of years of research and investigation. Until Nihang Niddar Singh did not possess concrete evidence, the status of this institution as the original ‘Dam Dami Taksal’, were never questioned. As such, Nihang Niddar Singh was under the impression that this institution was indeed the ‘fifth Sanatan Sikh institution’.

Over time, as certain truths began to come to light, Nihang Niddar Singh had to revaluate his stance - what follows is that same information. Once again, we invite all to refute this evidence with logic, reason, and facts should they find it contrary to what they believe or accept.

The situation as it stands is that certain fanatics in the UK, who associate themselves with what they consider to be ‘Dam Dami Taksal’ have already tried, like their Akhand Kirtani Jatha counterparts, to suppress the truth by attempting to threaten, intimidate, slander and attack in gangs, some of of the more vulnerable and isolated young ‘Shagirds’ (students) associated with the Akali Nihang Baba Darbara Singh Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya Ranjit Akhara. They have been unsuccessful in preventing the truth from being known.

Akali Nihang Baba Darbara Singh Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya Ranjit Akhara

Nihang Niddar Singh teaching a young child some basic
self defense techniques during a class held at Christ Church, Slough UK

Contrary to their claims, these cowards have yet to approach Nihang Niddar Singh and discuss the information face to face. Their advice to Nihang Niddar Singh and his associates is to 'study Gurbani only' and 'forget interviewing individuals' or 'researching history'. The advice of these ‘Vadis’ (arguers) is actually contrary to ‘Gurmat’ (the path advised by the Sikh Gurus). Bhai Gurdas Ji has written of a true Sikh - the searcher of truth and the ‘Vadi’:

‘Searchers searchers search for knowledge,
Arguers, arguers argue, and become lost (in endless banter),
They are as if those who desire cow’s milk,
But are instead milking an elephant.’
‘Bhai Gurdas Ji’s Varan’, Bhai Gurdas

Akali Guru Nanak Dev Ji has stated:

‘False will be destroyed, Oh Nanak verily in the end only truth will remain.’
Adi Guru Durbar, Akali Guru Nanak

Akali Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj

Scene from the 'Janam Sakhis' depicting the first Sikh Guru
accompanied by his Muslim companion Bhai Mardana being visited by a local landowner

With regards to speaking the truth, Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh said:

What is false I will call false.
Even though the people may try to silence me.
I do not care for what anybody says.
I will speak but the truth from my mouth.
Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh, Treh Charittar No.266, Dasam Guru Durbar

These fanatic Sikhs must appreciate that the truth cannot be silenced with threats, harassment, intimidation, slander or violence. To deny truth is to deny the very foundation of spirituality and ‘Satnam’ (the TRUE Name of the Almighty), in Sikhism.

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