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Naam Simran
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There are many individuals today who fake Naam Simran. You will find them arising early in the morning and sitting cross legged turning rosaries (or counters) in hand pretending to be in state of ecstasy. Yet the truth regards many of these individuals is as Akali Nihang

‘They close their eyes [pretending to do Naam Simran/Jaap] as a heron [who has deceit in heart for his intention is to capture a fish] to the people they show this deception.
They bow low [feigning humility] like a hunter [who lies low in ambush for prey] and focus their minds in a manner that would embarrass a cat [waiting with eyes fixed on mouse hole].’
(‘Dasam Guru Durbar’, Teti Swaya)

Guru Gobind Singh spoke of the corrupt Sikh Mahants of his times:

A photograph of one of the many self-proclaimed saints
who today convince followers that they are indeed true devotees of the Almighty

Akali Guru Ramdas also spoke regards those who took God's name in vain to deceive the world:

‘Har Har [God's name] he repeats but daily increasing in deception, his heart is not purified.
Day and night he does many [so called religious deeds] but even in his dreams he finds not solace.’
(‘Adi Guru Durbar’, Raag Suhi Mahalla 4)

Individuals who truly do Naam Simran today, as in the past, are very rare. In Sanatan Sikh ideology there is no one greater than the person who does true Naam Jaap. Akali Guru Arjan Dev wrote:

‘Of all endeavors the greatest endeavor.
Is the contemplation of the name of Har [God].
Of all words the immortal words.
Is to listen to praise of Har and expound it.
Of all places that place is greatest.
Oh Nanak in whose heart resides Naam of Har.’
('Adi Guru Durbar', Sukhmani Sahib)

A photograph of a fresco from a Nirmala Gurudwara at Narangabad, Punjab
depicting great Sikh devotees of the past, the great Nirmala Gurus, Baba Sobha
Singh Ji and Baba Sahib Singh Ji (descendant of Akali Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj)

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