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Naam Jaap - Contemplation
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'Naam Jaap' (contemplation of God's name) is one central to appreciating Sanatan Sikhism.

For this is the main method of attaining onto God as advocated by the Sikh Gurus. Many modern day Sikhs will simply claim that repetition of the sacred Mantra 'Va eh-Guru' is 'Naam Jaap'. 'Naam Simran' (recitation of God's name) modern Sikhs would define simply as 'remembrance or contemplation of Gods name'.

According to Section 1 of the 'Rehit Maryada' (codes of conduct) that modern Tat-Khalsa Singh Sabia-nurtured S.G.P.C. form of Sikhism claims to adhere to, a 'Gursikh' (followers of the Guru's word) must be initiated into the Khalsa brotherhood and do Naam Jaap/Simran.

The Amrit Sanchar
A photograph of mainstream Sikhs carrying out the Amrit Sanchar
(Khalsa initiation ceremony). Modern mainstream Sikhs believe that ALL who
wish to consider themselves as Sikhs MUST be initiated into the Khalsa botherhood

Unlike Sanatan Sikhs, modern Sikhs do not acknowledge none-Khalsa Sikhs can be Sikhs or can do Naam Simran. They say Naam Simran without Amrit (Khalsa initiation) does not bear fruit.

Akali Nihang Baba Santa Singh, the supreme commander of all Akali Nihang Singhs defines a Sahejdhari (none-Khalsa Sikh) and Singh (Khalsa Sikh):

There is a distinction between Singh and Sikh.
The Sikh path is very great.
He who sees the Parmatma [God] within his own Atma [particle of Parmatma which resides within each living being], he is a Sikh.
A weapon-bearing warrior of Anandpur is a Singh.
Others can be Sikh.
Pathans have been Sikhs, Hindus have been Sikhs, Biragis have been Sikhs and Synasis have been Sikhs.
But a Singh is he who is initiated into the Khalsa and is firm in his Khalsa prescribed conduct.
He is a Singh.’
(Akali Nihang Baba Santa Singh, transcript of a public speech, Vaisakhi 1999)

Akali Nihang Baba Santa Singh Ji
The present day Jathedar (commander) of the Panjvah Takht
Shromani Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa Panth 96 Crore Budha Dal Chalda Vaheer

Hence in within Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa ideology, none-Khalsa cannot only do Naam Simran and appreciate the Atma within himself/herself, but, can be a none-Khalsa of Pathan, Hindu race or faith, etc. is still recognized as a Sikh.

The Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa Panth
A photograph taken during Holla Mohalla (martial festival held during March) at
Anandpur Sahib, Punjab where warrior Akali Nihangs display various martial skills
(to read more about this, please visit www.shastarvidiya.org)

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