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Amrit Vela - Ambrosial Time
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The present, popular modern Sikh consider the time known as ‘Amrit Vela’ (translated as 'ambrosial time' by modern Sikhs) as best time for 'Naam Simran'. However, it is but a starting point. In the Adi Guru Durbar, Akali Guru Amar Das the third Sikh Guru, defines Amrit Vela thus:
‘If we were to say what is the time to contemplate Va-eh Guru.
Day and night stay absorbed in the true Naam.
He only is true.
If for one moment you forget Va-eh Guru, how can you consider your self a devotee?’
‘Adi Guru Durbar’, Pa.283

Amrit Vela

A photograph of a Sikh conducting his morning abolutions during the twilight hours

According to Sanatan Sikhism, the transliteration of Amrit Vela is 'that time which makes you immortal’. Anytime an individual contemplates what is termed 'Jappa Ajapp' (beyond contemplation) Akal (immortal God is for a devotee of God), that time is considered as 'Amrit Vela'.

Ultimately the aim of a Gursikh is constant with ‘Sas Gras’, ie, every normal breath to do unbroken Jaap (contemplation) of the divine living within Nirankar's will.


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