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The Sanatan Sikhs - The Udhasis
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The word 'Udasi' (also spelt 'udhasi'/udhasin'/'udhaseen'/'oodhasi'/'udaseen') literally means 'unattached' or 'a person not entangled in worldly affairs'.

Nihang Baba Uday Singh comments upon the Udhasis:

‘Udhasi Panth is from the time of Guru Nanak it was started by Baba Siri Chand Ji. It is a ancient Panth. In it also the [Adi] Guru Granth was preached. They set up Akharas [religious gatherings] and alongside Adi Granth they gave knowledge of Ayurved [Traditional Indian medicine]. They moved like an army through the villages and towns. They visited the Kumbh [ie. the Kumbh mela, a hindu religious festival occuring every 12 years] at Hardwar on elephants and horses. This I do know about Udhasis the old ones use to preach Guru Granth with Ayurved. These Udhasis are an old Panth of Guru Nanak. They are exempt from the Khalsa initiation. From the beginning they did not get initiated into the Khalsa they adopted Udhasi way of life [non-attachment]. Baba Sri Chand had adopted Udasi life too. If they [Baba Sri Chand’s Udhasis] had been initiated into the Sikh fold they would have been successors to the Gurus. However, he [Baba Sri Chand] kept his Panth separate.’
(Baba Uday Singh, transcript of a recording, 01-03-2001)

Baba Sri Chand Ji Maharaj
A contemporary painting depicting the great yoga master Baba Sri Chand

Udasis are the oldest order of Sikhs descended from Akali Guru Nanak’s eldest son Baba Siri Chand. He was born in 1494 in the village of Talwandi Tehsil, Lahore. Some writers, however, have given his birth at Sultan Pur Lodi.

The path which Baba Sri Chand chose to follow was not exactly the same as his great father. Many mainstream Sikh scholars state that Baba Sri Chand went against his father's wishes and was deemed an outcast/apostate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Udhasi Gobind Das, Chief Mahant at Kankhal, Hardwar points out there was no conflict between father and son over this:

‘What throne of a kingdom did Baba Sri Chand occupy you tell me? Or, did Guru Nanak have such a throne so as he had to have a successor? Were they kings of some state? Guru Nanak was no king of some kingdom. He occupied the throne of a God’s devotee of devotion. Thus Guru Maharaj Baba Sri Chand Ji made his throne of devotion to God separate. In which there is none attachment and renunciation of every type, as is also found in Guru Nanak as well. Father and son appreciated each other's way of life was different, so they each preached their ways separately. The difference that was that Baba Sri Chand became preacher of Udhasis because one was a house holder [Guru Nanak] and one unattached [Baba Sri Chand].’
(Baba Gobind Das, transcript of a recording, 16-02-2001)

Mahant Udhasi Gobind Das

A photograph of Mahant Udhasi Gobind Das who is based as Kankhal, Hardwar

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