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The Sanatan Sikhs - The Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa


‘One group which is certainly different from the Tat Khalsa ideal, yet which prides itself on being the only true Khalsa, is that of the Nihangs.’
(‘Sikhism’, Hew McLeod, 1997, Pa.194)


An Akali Nihang Singh
Unknown Akali photographed in 1860 by Hooper and Weston
is a powerful example of the Victorian photographers art form. This
warrior is prodigiously armed. He is holding a 'ferenghi' sword in his right
hand.The dagger in his waistband is a Chillanum, . He also has a shield, a second
sword and a pistol about his person. His turban is adorned with 'chakars' (quoits), and
an 'Aad chand' (half moon cresent signifying that he represents Shiv-Swaroop (ie, the very form of Shiva)

Brief History of Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa
The Akalis
The Akali Nihang Singhs and Nihang Singhs
The Khalsa
Modern Day Perceptions and Misconceptions
Nangs (fake Nihangs)

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