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The Sanatan Sikhs - The Udhasis
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Udhasi Sevadas in his text, ‘Parchian Sewadas’, written in 1708 also made it clear Udasis acknowledge the ten Sikh Gurus as their Guru. In an 19th century text, ‘Siri Mat Nanak Vijgranth’, it is clearly stated that Udhasis acknowledge Akali Guru Nanak as their primal Guru:

‘Primal Guru is Nanak Dev....
Highest Guru is Nanak, the complete incarnation of God.’
(‘Sikh Sanpardvali’, by Piara Singh Padam, Pa.29)

Like his great father, Baba Siri Chand Maharaj was destined to be a great holy man. Baba Siri Chand a Yoga master lived for over 130 years. In his life time Baba Siri Chand travelled all over India teaching the spiritual path of love and peace through his holy example, words, discourses and innumerable miracles to Hindus and Muslims.

A photograph taken c. 1862 of two Udhasi Sikhs

Sant Baba Jaginder Singh comments on the mission Guru Nanak set his son:

‘Baba Siri Chand was to teach the ascetic society how to contemplate God, how to put them on a straight path to salvation, make them firm in knowledge of God and reveal God to them. This was the duty Guru Nanak gave him.’
(‘Siri Hazoori Maryada Parbodh’, by Sant Baba Joginder Singh, Pa. 145-146)

Baba Siri Chand, he had four disciples Baba Pushv Dev Ji, Baba Ala Mast Ji, Baba Baloohsna Ji, Baba Foola Sahib Ji. Each eventually established his own respective Udasis order. They were all versed in Sanatan Sikhism, ancient Hindu Sanskrit lore and Ayurveda.

A photograph of Sriman 108 Sant Ji Maharaj Shri Dhian Das Ji Dhoonay
Valay Malipur (left) and Sriman 108 Sant Ji Maharaj Shri Charan Das Ji Dhoonay Valay Malipur (right)

Udhasis were, and still are Sanatan Sikhism’s greatest missionaries. That is, missionaries of the true Sanatan Sikh universal spiritual path.

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