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The 5 Spheres
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Gian Khand

In stanza 34 of Japji Sahib, Akali Guru Nanak Dev Ji describes the second spiritual stage Gian Khand (Sphere of knowledge).

‘The sphere of Dharm Khand's duty is such [referring to the previous Sphere].
Now learn of the sphere of knowledge.
Myriad are winds, liquids, fires, myriad Krishnas and Shivas.
Myriads of lands to perform actions, myriad mountains, myriad holy men like Dhru lecturing.
Myriad Kings of Demigods like Indra and myriad moons, myriads of Suns and galaxies.
Myriad enlightened holy men, Buddhas and leaders of Yogis.
Myriad forms of demigoddess.
Myriad demigods and demons, myriad of those who have control over their minds, myriad oceans full of treasures.
Myriad foods, myriad languages, myriad Emperors and Kings.
Myriad ways of concentration, myriad servants, Nanak, there is no end, no end.’
('Adi Guru Durbar', Japji Sahib)

A contemporary painting depicting Krishan Maharaj (seen wearing a garland) and
the thousands of Hindu demi-Gods that arise from him, but are yet of the same light

In the above stanza Akali Guru Nanak starts by stating that such was the Dharma (meaning laws of Dharm Khand, the sphere of awareness of divine law that govern nature). It is in that first sphere an individual from being self-centered becomes conscious of more than himself/herself and begins to seek his/her true self beyond his/her ego.

The Bhaagvad Gita
Krishan Maharaj explains to the mighty warrior Arjun (kneeling) about
the deeper aspects of the spiritual journey and how everything stems from the one Almighty. The Bhaagvad Gita is a
text recommended by Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj in Sarbloh Guru Durbar, to be read by ALL Sikh as mentioned within

To seek means to acquire knowledge. Thus he/she begins to, in second Khand, pursue the myriad avenues of knowledge. The second sphere of spiritual development is Gian Khand. In the above stanza Akali Guru Nanak tries to convey the wonderful infinite varieties of knowledge that an individual who travels the sphere of knowledge over many life times may experience. The individual, who in its true form is Atma (particle of Parmatma, the highest God) moves towards Va-eh Guru by feeding on Gian (knowledge). Akali Guru Arjan Dev the fifth Guru, ,in ‘Sukhmani Sahib’, states:

‘A Brahmgiani [person who knows God], his food is knowledge.’
('Adi Guru Durbar', Sukhmani Sahib

In the, ‘Chankaya Niti Darpan’, translated by Kavi Sainpat for Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh is written this advice:

‘Study knowledge until there is life in your body.
There where the wealthy can not reach the wise man reaches.’
(‘Chankaya Niti Darpan', translated by Gulab Singh, Pa.50)

The key point of Gian Khand is:

- Study and experience all forms of knowledge.

Gian Khand
As one develops into the Sphere of Knowledge, there is a realisation
of the desire to experience and understand the variety of knowledge that exists within the Universe

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