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Akali Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj (1534 -1581)
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Akali Guru Amardas was succeeded by his son in-law Jetha who came to be known as Guru Ramdas.

Akali Guru Ramdas Ji
During his lifetime the great Guru wrote over 800 Hymns in
30 Raags (musical measures) and established centers of trade around the Sikh world

For many years Jetha had served the elderly Akali Guru Amardas. It was Bhai Jetha who organised and supervised everything for the third Sikh Guru.

His own tenure of Guruship was a mere seven years. Yet in these seven years he kept up the work of Akali Guru Nanak of expounding the philosophy of oneness of Nirankar God and all mankind. It was Akali Guru Ramdas who started the excavation of the holy tank of Amritsar.

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