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Akali Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj (1504 -1552)
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Akali Guru Nanak was then succeeded by Akali Guru Angad.

Akali Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj
The second great Sanatan Sikh Guru introduced the Gurmukhi script
and turned places of worship into centers for education and increased literacy amongst the masses

He continued the same work from where Guru Nanak Dev left off and spend many an hour in the 'Langar' (free kitchen). He further introduced the 'Gurmukhi' Punjabi script to the illiterate Sikhs. Then, alongside he also spiritually catered for his followers.

He set up wrestling Akhara’s (training arenas) for the youth and introduced them to the physical exercises of 'Viriyam' to make their bodies strong. In Guru Angad’s thinking a strong, fit body and mind was required to be a Sikh, a searcher of truth.

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