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The Real Guru
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All-Pervasive Guru

Modern mainstream Tat Khalsa Singh Sabhia Sikhs, neglecting the fact the ten historical Sikh Gurus were ‘Dehdhari’ Gurus, insist that living Gurus are ‘limited’ due to the fact human Guru is mortal. For modern Sikhs, Adi Guru Durbar is the only immortal 'Shabad' (scriptural) Guru, the Guru Granth.

The straightforward transliteration of ‘Guru Granth’ is ‘Guru’s book’. A thinking mind questions if the term 'Guru' is reserved for ‘Nirankar’ (formless), ‘Abnashi’ (indestructible), ‘Sarbviapak’ (all pervasive), ‘Akaal’ (immortal) etc., or perhaps a book made of paper, ink, and binding. Can this single term mean all this, and yet still refer to Guru as a 'teacher'?

To say ‘Guru Granth’ is Guru with regards to the divine knowledge it contains another question arises:

If divine knowledge within the Guru Granth is 'Guru', then is not the level of appreciation of this wisdom dependent upon the intellect of the one reading/interpreting/expounding it?

Mool Mantra
The sacred 'Mool Mantra' attributed to the sixth Sikh Guru, Akali Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji

Sanatan Sikhi believes that Guru Granth is revered as 'Guru' because it is the house of ‘Parmeshwar’ (highest God). Akali Guru Arjan Dev speaks of the above said and the God that resides in it:

‘The book (sacred Sikh scripture) is the house of Parmeshwar.
They who in holy congregation sing [from it] the virtues of 'Gobind' (God that nurtures the earth), they attain knowledge of ‘Brahm’ [the Creator].
Great Yogis, accomplished Yogis, and holy men yearn for it, but only the rare ones are able to focus their mind upon God.

Upon whom is gracious my Master, all his desires are fulfilled.
In whose heart the Destroyer of all fear resides, they become famous in the world.
Not for a moment may You be forgotten Oh my Creator, Nanak asks for this gift.’
Adi Guru Durbar, Raag Saarang, Pa. 1226

Kartarpuri Bir
Folio from the 'Kartarpuri Bir' which was prepared by Akali Guru Arjan Dev Ji
which is looked after by the Dhirmalia family since the times of the Sikh Gurus in city of Kartarpur

To conclude here, if the Almighty resides only within 'Guru Granth', then this would go against the Sanatan philosophy of universal ‘Ekh’ (the One).

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