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The Scriptures - Dasam Guru Durbar
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It is the popular Sikh belief is that there are 404 distinct stories contained within Treh Chrittar (Charitropakhyaan). However, this is not so. There are not 404 stories but 404 distinct chapters.

Some of these stories are spread over several chapters such as those of 'Anup Kaur' which is spread over chapters 21,22 and 23. These stories though predominately dealing with wiles of women.

They are of wondrous variety, being sensual, romantic, humourous, philosophical, valiant and entertaining. Many stories also deal with the darker side of human nature, such as incest, magic of myth, the mystical nature of legend, homosexuality, adultery, etc. These stories were collected from Punjabi folklore, Indian folklore and classical traditional texts.

Sohni Mahiwal
The famous tale of the two Punjabi lovers Sohni and Mahiwal is
retold within Charitropakhyaan (Number 101) within Dasam Guru Durbar

They also arise from foreign sources, personal experiences of the Tenth Guru and others miscellaneous sources. Many scandalous stories floating about the society of the time, imaginary stories, urban legends etc., also found their way into Treh Chrittar. In some cases, multiple tales are mishmashed together to produce a wonderful new concoction of stories.

Sassi Pannu
The magical tale of Sassi and Pannu that echos within the
folklore of Punjab is the subject of Charitropakhyaan Number 108

The claim by the S.G.P.C. and other Sikhs of such narrow-minded puritanical thinking (too many groups to mention), that these beautiful and timeless stories are derived of 'Hindu' mythology is opinion born of complete stupidity, ignorance, paranoia, insecurity and extreme fanaticism.

Rishi Gautam and Ahliya
Charitropakhyaan Number 115 speaks of a Rishi Gautam (holy man) and
his beautiful wife Ahliya who cheated on him with the Lord Indra. Ahliya paid
the price when Rishi Gautam in a furious rage, cursed her and turned her to a stone pillar

To end, one asks, what are the significances of such tales? As Sanatan Shastar Vidiya Gurdev Akali Nihang Baba Mohinder Singh explains:

‘If we travell a road in which are dangerous potholes.
Is it not wisdom to be aware of them and thus avoid them?
Treh Chrittar forewarn the Khalsa of the potholes we encounter in daily life.
They warn us of all the evil consequences of lust, blind rage, greed, vices etc.’
(Sanatan Shastar Vidiya Gurdev Akali Nihang Baba Mohinder Singh)

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