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The Scriptures - Adi Guru Durbar
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Adi Guru Durbar itself is contained in 33 sections in 1430 'Aang' (literal translation is 'limb', transiliteration is 'page'. NB. All Guru Durbars are seen to be "Living Forms", ie. when the wisdom contained within the texts is practiced and is seen in actions of individuals, it becomes 'alive').

Japji Sahib
An ancient hand-written version of Adi Guru Durbar showing the
first 'Ang' (page) with Japji Sahib on the right adorned with beautiful decorations

The 33 sections are:
Japji Sahib
Pg 1 to 8 (also comprising 'Rehras' Pg 8 to 12, and 'Kirtan Sohila' Pg 12 to 13)
Sri Raag
Pg 14 to Pg 93
Raag Majh
Pg 94 to Pg 150
Raag Gauri
Pg 151 to Pg 346
Raag Asa
Pg 347 to Pg 488
Raag Gujri
Pg 489 to Pg 526
Raag Dev Ghandhari
Pg 527 o Pg 536
Raag Bihaagra
Pg 537 to Pg 556
Raag Wadhans
Pg 557 to Pg 594
Raag Sorath
Pg 595 to Pg 659
Raag Dhanasri
Pg 660 to Pg 695
Raag Jaitsri
Pg 696 to Pg 710
Raag Todi
Pg 711 to Pg 718
Raag Bairari
Pg 719 to Pg 720
Raag Tilang
Pg 721 to Pg 727
Raag Soohi
Pg 729 to Pg 794
Raag Bilaaval
Pg 795 to Pg 858
Raag Gaund
Pg 859 to Pg 875
Raag Raamkali
Pg 876 to Pg 974
Raag Nat Narayan
Pg 975 to Pg 983
Raag Maali Gaura
Pg 984 to Pg 988
Raag Maru
Pg 989 to Pg 1106
Raag Tukhaari
Pg 1107 to Pg 1117
Raag Kehdara
Pg 1118 to Pg 1124
Raag Bhairohn
Pg 1125 to Pg 1167
Raag Basant
Pg 1168 to Pg 1196
Raag Saarang
Pg 1197 to Pg 1253
Raag Malaar
Pg 1254 to Pg 1293
Raag Kanrah
Pg 1294 to Pg 1318
Raag Kaliyaan
Pg 1319 to Pg 1326
Raag Prabhaati
Pg 1327 to Pg 1351
Raag Jaijaiwanti
Pg 1352 to Pg 1429
Pg 1429 to Pg 1430

The last 'Ang' (page) from the same copy of Adi Guru Durbar (as shown above)
dated Samat 1832 (AD 1775 - please note those fools that dispute the authenticity of the
Raagmala, the date of this copy has been given at the end of the page on the right. Please use the
'Zoom' option to varify this) with the Raagmala, literally meaning 'string of Raags' (classical Indian musical measures)

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