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One does not become a Khalsa simply by the partaking of Amrit. One only becomes a ‘Singh’ (meaning a warrior of Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh) if he/she studies and lives by the guidelines of the Guru-ordained Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa martial way of life.

Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa
An Akali Nihang Singh, with his mother, wife and children based in the village of Gurdaspur, Punjab

The sad fact today is that the vast majority of so-called Amritdhari Khalsa Sikhs have absolutely no knowledge of Shastar Vidiya. Regardless of their faith or designations within faith (such as ‘Sehajdhari’ or ‘Amritdhari’), only by ‘Naam Jaap’ (meaning loving devotion of Nirankar God), can one become Khalsa.

The meaning of this devotion to the Almighty is that through constant contemplation, one contemplates that eternal truth which is beyond contemplation. So to reiterate once more in the great words of the Khalsa Bhagat Kabir Ji with regards to who is a Khalsa.

‘Oh Kabir they have become Khalseh [attained salvation] who have known Prem Bhagat [love of devotion to God].’
‘Adi Guru Durbar’, Raag Sorath, Bhagat Kabir, Pa.654

Bhagat Kabir
Fresco from the walls of the Akal Takht that was restored by Akali Nihang Baba Santa Singh in 1984, depicting
Bhagat Kabir, with his wife Mai Loi, and his son. This fresco was later destroyed by the S.G.P.C. and other mainstream Sikh groups in 1987

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