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Sehajdhari Sikhs
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In the autobiography of the great Sikh holy man Baba Sunder Singh Ji, founder of ‘Samparda Bhindra’, is recorded how he personally served one such non-Amritdhari Khalsa Sikh, Sant Baba Jwala Das Udasi:

‘In the village of Dadh near Ludhiana, he [Baba Sunder Singh] merged himself in study to gain knowledge in the troupe of the great ‘Mahatama’ [holy man] Sant Pundit Jwala Das Udasi. This Pundit was a leader of a great troupe and many ‘Sadhus’ [holy men] use to study holy texts from him. At this time Sant [Baba Sunder Singh Ji] had memorised the ‘Panj Granthi’, ‘Japp’, ‘Swaya’ etc. (various Sikh scriptures) and was able to recite them beautifully. ‘Panj Bani’ and these scriptures from that time became his daily liturgy. The Pundit [Jwala Das Ji] had great desire to listen to proper reading of Sikh scripture. Seating the Sant on a high place sitting other Sadhus around him, he use to listen to the proper reading of Sikh scripture from the Sant. On arriving in the troupe, Sant [Baba Sunder Singh Ji] had right away asked the Pundit [Baba Jwala Das Udasi] the service of assisting him with his bath. Thus every day at ‘Amrit Vela’ [the ambrosial time just before sunrise] he would arise to assist the Pundit with his bath, and at that time if he had not understood any passage [of Sikh scripture] or had any other doubts he had them explained. Like this, he in a short time studied ‘Vichar Sagar’, ‘Mokh Panth’, etc. and many Vedic language texts, and then came back to his home.’
‘Amrit Jiwan’, by Dr. Sher Singh Giani, Pa.37

Sriman 108 Baba Sundar Singh Ji Khalsa 'Bhindrawaley'
The great scholar, intellectual and holy man, and founder of 'Samparda Bhindra

Sant Giani Kartar Singh, founder of ‘Samparda Chokh Mehta’ (a break-away group of Samparda Bhindra formed in 1969) also informs us that Baba Sunder Singh also learned ‘Kirtan’ (Sikh scripture singing) from Sant Pundit Jwala Das Udasi. Giani Kartar Singh also spoke of another non-Amritdhari Udasi Khalsa Sikh who taught Baba Sunder Singh Ji:

‘Then he learned Brahm Vidiya [Knowledge of all pervasive God] from Giani Bhagat Ram Ji of Hamidi.’
‘Khalsa Jiwan Ateh Gurmat Rehit Maryada’, by Sant Giani Kartar Singh, Pa.22

Sant Giani Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa 'Bhindrawaley'

Founder of 'Samparda Chokh Mehta' formed in 1969

On pondering the above quote, certain modern Amritdhari Sikh fanatics have to ask the question - how can a Amritdhari Khalsa Sant Baba Sunder Singh attain ‘Brahm Vidiya’ from a Sahejdhari Udasi Sikh Bhagat Ram Ji? The answer to this is that even though Bhagat Ram Ji was a Sahejdhari Sikh, he was still a Khalsa in context he was a devotee of ‘Ekh Nirankar’ (One Formless Being). Such Sahejdhari, non-Amritdhari Khalsa Sikhs are to be found in abundance throughout Sanatan Sikh history, for example, Khalsa holy men such as:
a) Baba Phoola
b) Baba Goinda
c) Baba Alamast
d) Baba Hasna
e) Baba Gurbakhsh Mal
f) Baba Apa Brahm Das
g) Baba Santokh Das
h) Baba Pritam Das
i) Swami Sant Das
j) Bhai Kanhaiya
k) Bhai Seva Ram
l) Bhai Sahej Ram
m) Bhai Addanshah
n) Bhai Pala Ram
o) Bhai Jagta
p) Bhai Des Raj
..and many more

Sriman 108 Sant Bhai Kirpa Ram Ji Sewa Panthi
One of the great Sewa Panthi Sikhs of his time, a fine example of a 'Sehajdhari' Sikh

Even today non-‘Khanda Deh Amrit’ Khalsa Sikhs such as Baba Iswardas Ji Udasin, Baba Teja Singh Ji Nirmala, Mahant Baba Anantanand Udasin, Baba Gobind Das Ji Udasin, Baba Gyan Dev Singh Nirmala, etc., exist in abundance.

The Sanatan Sikhs salute all these great Khalsa holy men.

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