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The Multifarious Faces of Sikhism throughout Sikh History
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Baba Kartar Singh Samparda/Chowk Mehta Samparda cont'd

Nihang Niddar Singh managed to speak to one of Ajit Singh’s Nihangs who spoke of Ajit Singh killing over 150 Chowk Mehta-based terrorists in revenge for Jathedar Baba Kahn Singh’s death. In his war against what he termed the “terrorist enemies of India”, Ajit Singh lost 103 Nihang Singhs.

Jarnail Singh with his followers, some of whom came to be known as
'Kharkoo's (commandos) - many were hunted down by 'Nang' Ajit Singh Pula

In the fight against the terrorists, Ajit Singh Pula had taken to alcoholism and dehumanized himself. Many Budha Dal Nihangs hold Ajit Singh Pula to be a great fearless warrior, but they state that in his fight to vanquish these terrorists, he sacrificed his very own ‘Dharma’ (sense of righteousness). Although this cannot be substantiated fully as yet, there are rumours amongst the Nihang Dals that in order to strike fear into the terrorists, Ajit Singh Pula and a handful of his men attacked the family members of these terrorists. It is said that the women were subjected to abduction and gang rape in order to flush out the Khalistani Chowk Mehta Sikh militants from hiding.

Gurdwara Shaheed Nihang Taru Singh

The historic Gurdwara in the village of Pula was under the control of Ajit Singh

According to Akali Nihangs, Ajit Singh’s killing killing of Sikh terrorists/militants in order to defend his family members can be justified, the rape and violence inflicted on the women of his enemies is considered as downright despicable. It is for this reason, aside from the unpredictable acts of alcohol abuse that Akali Nihangs in general do not wish to be associated with him. At present, ‘Nang’ Ajit Singh Pula has been accused of stealing land around his village, and is being investigated for abduction, rape and murder of various individuals.

Ajit Singh Pula
The notorious Ajit Singh being led away from court by Punjab Police
during a hearing where he was accused of killing a landowner in his local village

From the glorious days of the Khalistani movement in the 1980s right up to recent times, the fanatics of Samparda Chowk Mehta have been victims of the Indian State terrorism and the demonic creation which they themselves created known as Ajit Singh Pula. Even recently, it was not unheard of for Ajit Singh and his thugs to pay a visit to Chowk Mehta and intimidate the Sikhs there. Petty acts of violence such as stealing funds, kitchen utensils and abducting young men were all standard practice. In face of all this Chowk Mehta could do nothing.

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