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The Multifarious Faces of Sikhism throughout Sikh History
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Baba Kartar Singh Samparda/Chowk Mehta Samparda cont'd

From the evidence collated to date, one can state that Samparda Chowk Mehta is propagating lies. Even today, this institution continues its shameless self-promotion and has even hired an artist to create impressions of the ‘Jathedars’ representing this fake lineage to be painted on the walls of Chowk Mehta. The legacy of deception has taken another form since the death of Jarnail Singh in Operation Blue Star in 1984. It has been almost 20 years since that event and today the S.G.P.C, head of mainstream Sikhism considers Jarnail Singh as having been killed by the Indian forces during the storming of Durbar Sahib by the Indian forces.

Operation Bluestar
Indian troops sift through the debris looking for bodies of wounded or killed militant Sikhs for identification purposes

Even Jarnail Singh’s family members such as his son, Ishar Singh, have accepted that Jarnail Singh is dead (see http://www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030607/main3.htm). However, the late Baba Thakur Singh, who considered himself just the 'Mukhi' (caretaker) of ‘Dam Dami Taksal’, still insisted in believing in the lie that Jarnail Singh was still alive. When asked of the whereabouts of Jarnail Singh, Baba Thakur Singh and his followers always stated that:

“Baba ji [referring to Jarnail Singh] is in ‘Chardi kala’ (ie. high spirits)”

Baba Thakur Singh
The late Baba Thakur Singh seen here on his funeral pyre, who
always claimed that Jarnail Singh Khalsa would return some day to lead the Sikh nation

This is the standard response give to all those who question the ‘Dam Dami Taksal’ with regards to the whereabouts of Jarnail Singh (see http://www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030612/punjab1.htm#9). Against all facts, logic and reason, Baba Thakur Singh insisted that Jarnail Singh will be back soon to reclaim his ‘leadership’ of ‘Dam Dami Taksal’ and lead Sikhism to fight the forces of evil and all those who stand in the way of ‘Khalistan’.

Additions to this claim include the destruction of Delhi, the beginning of ‘Khalsa Raj’ and the end to the ‘Brahminical influence’ within Sikhism. It will be interesting to see how the Sikhs of Samparda Chowk Mehta escape from this pit of deceit they have dug themselves into when Jarnail Singh does not show up. Indeed, with the death of Baba Thakur Singh in late 2004, the supposed 'leadership' of 'Dam Dami Taksal' has come into dispute which one faction claiming Jarnail Singh is dead, and the other claiming he will return someday (see later). This situation appears to be a repeat performance of the split that took place on the death of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa, where Baba Mohan Singh and Baba Kartar Singh contested for leadership. In addition, this further parallels the myth promoted by the Namdharis that their founder, Baba Ram Singh, will be returning within the next 40 years to lead them to glory.

Jarnail Singh 'Bhindrawaley'

According to the Sikhs of Baba Kartar Singh Samparda,
Jarnail Singh Khalsa was not killed in 1984, but escaped and will someday return

In the 1980s, at the height of its popularity, Samparda Chowk Mehta presenting itself as ‘Dam Dami Taksal’ under the supervision of the charismatic militant/terrorist Sikh leader, Jarnail Singh commanded a following of thousands. During these times, this institution was a terror to all its enemies, and killing those who stood in its way, or were regarded as ‘enemies of the Sikh Panth’, was not uncommon. Ironically, since the defeat of Khalistani forces in India, these terrorists have themselves become victims of terror at the hands of their enemies.

June 1984
Indian troops carry out a head-count on the survivors of Operation Bluestar in the Golden Temple complex

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