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The 5 Steps to Nitnem
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Nitnem can be translated as:

Nit = Eternal
Nem = arising from ‘Nyam’ meaning Law.
Nit + Nem = Eternal Law, i.e. Dharma.

Dharma of Sanatan Sikhism starts with ‘Paath’, the recitation of ‘Bani’ (the Guru’s words within Sikh scriptures). Modern-day Khalsa Sikhs, in tune with their Sanatan Khalsa Sikh ancestors advise to do Paath at least three times a day. For many Sikhs, Nitnem in general encompasses ‘Paath’ alone. However, Sanatan Sikhs consider this as only the beginning of Nitnem.

Adi Guru Durbar
Folios from a manuscript of Adi Guru Durbar, circa 19th
century depicting the Sikh Gurus, and the deity Vishnu (top right of the first folio)

The five steps of ‘Sehajdhari’ (non-Khalsa) and Khalsa Sikh Nitnem are as follows:
- Paath
- Arth
- Vichaar
- Vistaar
- Amal

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