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The 5 Steps to Nitnem
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Arth refers to translation and transliteration of scriptures, which exists at two levels. The first is ‘Shabad Arth’ (transliteration) and second is ‘Majmooni Arth’ (contextual translation) of whole verse.

After learning 'Paath' in the correct manner, the next step is appreciating both levels of Arth so as to understand what is being read. In past, as today, all Sanatan Sikh Samparda (institutions) emphasized not only ‘Paath’ with ‘Arth’, but also emphasized ‘Bani Kantish Karni’ (memorizing scripture).

This was particularly true for those who intend to teach the Sikh way, traditions etc., or initiate new Sikhs into Khalsa Sikhism or ‘Sehajdari’ Sikhism.

Sriman 108 Brahm Giani Bhai Raam Krishan Ji Sewa Panthi

An example of a 'Sehajdhari' (non-Khalsa) Sikh, one of the great
philanthropists and scholars belonging to the Sewa Panthi/Addan Shahi Samparda

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