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The Sanatan Sikhs - The Udhasis
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The Udhasis did not convert any one to any particular religion, but provided free medicine to the Indian Hindu masses. The Udasis presented Adi Guru Granth Sahib as the essence of all ancient Indian spiritual knowledge. Thus, they re-emphasised the Sanatan Sikh philosophy of oneness of Nirankar (formless) God and all mankind to the Hindus.

Mahant Anantanand Udhasi
A photograph of Mahant Anantanand Udhasi,
present head of the Nirwan Akhara Sangal Wara, Amritsar

Mahant Gobind Das comments upon the role of Udhasis:

‘Maharaj [Baba Sri Chand] preaching of Guru Granth that the Udasis have done in India all over. In all places, history shows, using Gutkas [small Sikh prayer books] we spread. We taught all to read Sikh scriptures. This is the gift of the holy men, the Udhasis. They [S.G.P.C. Akalis] cannot even in seven lifetimes preach as much as the Udhasis and Nirmalas have done and are still doing now. Even now, whenever we preach [to Hindus] we always without exception include teachings from [Adi] Guru Granth Sahib. We give examples [from Sikh history] of how you should follow the footsteps of the Gurus. Then your suffering shall be removed. Only then can your thinking and mind can come pure. That is if you desire Oh Brother, otherwise, it is up to you.’
(Baba Gobind Das, transcript of a recording, 16-02-2001)

Udhasi Karam Prakash speaks with regard to the Adi Guru Durbar, and, how Udhasis and other Sikh religious orders presented scripture to the Hindus:

‘Guru Granth is such a great philosophy greater than all. He who has read Guru Granth Sahib sees in it come all the reading of Vedas. How is this?
‘ Reading reading we load carts [With books]’ [quote from Adi Guru Granth]
So how many Hindu religious texts are we to read? For this reason we preached to all that in this [Adi Guru Granth] are all philosophies. The thinking of all religions is in this. Ramayana is in it,
‘Ram Ram keep near you’ [quote from Adi Guru Granth],
This is written there. For this reason all the Shashters [Hindu spiritual texts] also come in it. That is why all our traditions [Sikh] acknowledge it [as Guru].’
(Udhasi Karam Prakash, transcript of recording, 06-03-2001)

A photograph taken at Hardwar of Udhasis engaged in their daily duties

To this day, Udasis Sikhs are greatly respected amongst the Hindu holy men and masses. Udasis are physician missionaries of the Sanatan Sikh world.

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