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The Multifarious Faces of Sikhism throughout Sikh History
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Namdharis/Kookeh cont'd

Balak Singh gave arise to two offshoots of within Sikhism. The first was through his nephew, Kahn Singh, which emphasized meditation through particular form of ‘Sagrasi’ meaning ‘Sas Grasi’ (breathing) ‘Habias’ (‘Abias’ meaning ‘training’). This school of thought is almost extinct today. The followers of Kahn Singh are known as ‘Neeldhari’ because they wear deep blue ‘Patka’ (small bandana-like head covering).

Sant Harnam Singh Ji

One of the respected saints of the 'Neeladhari' Sikhs, also known as 'Kile Waley'

The Neeldharis only acknowledge the spiritual authority of Baba Balak Singh, and do not give any credence to Baba Ram Singh (1816-1885) who would later give arise to the main offshoot of Baba Balak Singh’s thought.

Ram Singh Namdhari
Believed by Namdhari Sikhs to be the incarnation of Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Ram Singh was another disciple of Balak Singh and it was he who kept Balak Singh’s teachings alive. Extra dynamism was given to Ram Singh’s cause when his followers began to claim that Ram Singh was in fact the actual incarnation of Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh.

Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj

An unfinished painting of the tenth Sikh Guru done in the Pahari style, circa 1800

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